An apparel company based out of Eugene, Oregon. This was a full startup marketing project including photography.

Seemingly Countless Projects

New Reign Gear LLC is a family run company based out of Eugene, Oregon. They started business in 2010, really was originated in the head of its inventor a few years in advance. This ultimate hoodie was the brainchild of Robert Giles III, whose job as an electrician often required working outside in a state known for its long rainy seasons. "Because I love wearing hoodies when I work outside, I started looking around for a waterproof, breathable hoodie. I couldn't find a suitable one on the market, so I decided to design my own." Robert came up with several prototypes in an attempt to perfect the design, meanwhile, I was on the other side trying to invent a name & logo. I was always continually impressed with both Robert & co-owner, Casey's abilities to reach out into the world to get their resources, such as materials and seamstresses to build and improve on their product.

We eventually landed on a name and logo, and we kept that momentum rolling. I created a website to fulfil their online ordering needs. This was a first for me, I had to create an online store for purchasing several styles, sizes and colors. We made it work but I’ve got to be honest, my first attempt was ugly! A few years later we went through a re-brand phase where we overhauled the logo, website and online ordering experience.

In my time working for New Reign I had the opportunity to design and create so many types of goods that I never had before. I am still very appreciative of these chances that helped build my skills. At one point, I was even working a Roland© plotter cutter to cut out logos that went on the hoodies themselves. Part of the biggest success New Reign had was when they acquired collegiate licensing for the Oregon Ducks® and Oregon State Beavers™. I was part of creating various mock-ups to shoot over to the Oregon™ & Oregon State™ administrations that they approved or denied. Once approved, we got the go ahead for production. A very cool process and I am very prideful of these projects. I still bump into people wearing these out in world today and I smile every time it occurs.

A Mission Success

New Reign's special soft-shell fabric is waterproof, breathable, four way stretch, abrasion resistant, and even works as a wind block. Designed with three sturdy materials this durable hoodie is bonded together to provide thermal quality without bulk. The Teflon-coated, polyester outer layer is bonded to a second rubberized material that allows the fabric to be waterproof and breathable, and the soft inner layer, made with plush micro fleece, forms a snug, lightweight layer of warmth.

No more plastic rain ponchos - now you can stay warm and dry and look great too! Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, work outside, or simply looking for a quality hoodie, this versatile garment makes a stylish statement wherever you go. The ideal lightweight, weather resistant solution for: hunting, fishing, biking, work, sporting events, walking/running, hiking, camping. Perfect for any outdoor venue, the material and zippers are waterproof - and custom double stitched construction makes for a durable water-resistant garment! New Reign offers a wide range of color options in your favorite team colors.

The mission of Robert Giles III was and still is a success. Providing a product to aid in a community, where that community can properly have fun in the elements, because of us on their backs, really is a good feeling.