A dog grooming company located in Eugene, Oregon back in 2015. This was a full marketing package at the time but we've left most of this project behind as it had been rebranded over to another project called "Pits to Poodles". We revamped in 2019.

The Brand Story

Doodle Room was a dog & cat grooming business based in Eugene, Oregon in the Santa Clara area. In 2015 after a few years of showing and breeding Basenjis, 16 years of grooming, Maria decided to bring the grooming salon to her home. Both Maria & Co-Owner, George worked this operation for several years and this was a great success. Eventually Doodle Room outgrew their home and ended up expanding and transitioning to their own salon outside of their home in a business space. At this point we went through a huge re-brand and re-name phase. This is where all of my work transitioned to the "Pits to Poodles" name & brand in 2019.

We created several projects together, mostly marketing materials & home mailers sent via the Post Office. Everything from business cards, nail trim cards where the 9th trim was free, Thank You cards, Christmas cards and of course, the website. The Website was one of my first containing several content pages that had good substance. As a web developer this always made the job fun because organizing this content makes me happy. Each page varied from one to another as well which presented some challenges, but it was very joyful to arrive at solutions. Maria always liked to update the site so that the story was accurate. She would send email updates on what needed to be revised and I would go right in and make edits. This type of work was simple, lighthearted and fulfilling.

An Enjoyable Experience

It always is such a pleasure to work with Maria and George because of their willingness to trust me and my designs. They would accept my brainstorming ideas and run with them until we landed on something great. There was never any harsh back and forth conversations, and they always appreciated my work with no hassel. Although I always worried they were too afraid to give me feedback, as some clients sometimes are, I would persist in asking if everything was alright before moving forward.

Maria would always tell me stories about their customers and how many compliments they would get, specifically on the website and logo, that always made me feel pretty good. I am appreciative of being chosen for this project as it helped me build my skills. Giving to a small business and helping them get their business off the ground was probably the best feeling of all.

A special thanks goes out to my friends, George & Maria.